The Small Stuff

I picked up “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” by Richard Carlson recently. Even though it is not an overtly Christian book, it is a book that Scripture will support. Some of the topics are: Make Peace with Imperfection: warm up to the fact, demanding perfection is a hard and unenjoyable task master. Appreciate the contribution… Continue reading The Small Stuff

Jonah 5

Jonah 5 As I share some information about Jonah I want you to think about this: How would you conclude Jonah’s life and ministry. We are not told the conclusion of his story in the Bible. How do you think it would go? Jonah is known for running from the presence of the Lord, being swallowed… Continue reading Jonah 5

A Needed Rest

Did we really need the respite provided by the deeply cold temperatures that invaded the Midwest in January? Just in case you did not think you needed the time off, Yes, you did need it. I did not realize how much I needed this time of shut down. Worship services were cancelled, meeting were rescheduled… Continue reading A Needed Rest